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The Many Faces of Midori
Midori's Roleplaying Characters
Kieran Ryan 
21st-Jan-2005 08:04 pm
Character Type: Mortal
Game System: Changeling: The Dreaming
Game: Epiphany: The Chronicles of Glass Pines
Character Concept: Idealistic rookie cop
Background: Kieran always wanted to be a cop. The son, grandson and nephew of dedicated officers in the Atlantic City Police Department, he chose his destiny early and never wavered.

He did all right, though not remarkably well, in school, and was even co-captain of the varsity volleyball team during his junior year of high school. After graduating with a degree in psychology from Rutgers, he started training to be a police officer. The work was hard but fulfilling, and when he graduated, his father was proud to pin his old badge on Kieran's new blue uniform.

Kieran's beat is in Millville, which suits him just fine. A number of the people living and working in the area seem quite pleasantly surprised by the young policeman's genuine friendliness, and he sometimes stops in to share some conversation with the people on his beat before and after work. No matter what some people may say about the police, there's at least one honest cop in Millville.

Description: Of average height, with an athletic build (he still plays volleyball on his days off), Kieran has hair of a shade midway between brown and black; there's a noticeable curl to it, and an unruly lock always seems to be falling over his forehead. His eyes can be either blue or green depending on the light, what he's wearing, and his mood. He's most often seen in the standard dark blue uniform of a police officer; on the rare occasions he's seen out of uniform, he prefers comfortable casual attire.
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