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The Many Faces of Midori
Midori's Roleplaying Characters
Natsuki Okuzaki, Scion of Hachiman 
9th-Mar-2008 12:14 pm
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Born and raised in Princeville, Hawaii, Natsuki was the daughter of a single mother who died in an auto accident shortly after her thirteenth birthday. Adopted by her maternal uncle and his wife, Natsuki excelled at physical pursuits like karate, gymnastics and kendo.

In college, a friend of hers convinced Natsuki to go with her to an open audition for a film that was being shot on location on the island. Neither of them got a part, but the director was so impressed by Natsuki’s athletic ability that he offered her another role — a member of a superhero team on a new children’s TV program he was filming, called Super Teen Ninja Force.

Unfortunately, Super Teen Ninja Force lasted only six episodes before the studio was forced to remove it from the airwaves after the producers of Elemental Senshi Five, the original Japanese show it had been modeled on, sued them for copyright infringement. Fortunately for Natsuki, Hideo Ojin, one of the producers of Elemental Senshi Five, took an interest in her, offering her a job as the "costumed" double for one of its stars, idol singer Yukino Shimazaki. As all of the fight scenes were filmed on location right there in Hawaii, Natsuki accepted.

During the off season for Elemental Senshi Five, Natsuki found work as a stunt woman on various productions. On one of these, she was nearly killed when a Titanspawn rampaged through the set. Only the timely arrival of Ojin, who revealed himself as Hachiman, the Japanese god of war (and Natsuki’s biological father) saved her life. He gifted her with her Birthrights and charged her with protecting the world from the incursions of the Titans.

Since then, Natsuki has done her best to fulfill her father’s mandate for her, either alone or with her Band. It’s not so different from what she does in front of the cameras, but this time the stakes are much higher. She does her best, though — wouldn’t any dutiful daughter do the same?

Natsuki is lithe and fit, with long blue-black hair, usually held back with a headband (actually a hitai-ate) and eyes the color of polished mahogany. Around her neck, she wears a pendant of red jade in the shape of Suzaku, the Vermilion Bird of the South. She’s discovered a love of motorcycles since her Visitation, and often wears a set of leathers from the Force 5 sentai show. If she’s expecting trouble, she arms herself with a naginata and a hankyu.

UPDATE: Natsuki now has a journal! You can find it here.
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