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The Many Faces of Midori
Midori's Roleplaying Characters
Ysolde Nyx - Goth musician 
2nd-Feb-2005 09:06 am
Ysolde with wine
Character Type: Fae
Game System: Changeling: The Dreaming
Game: Epiphany: The Chronicles of Glass Pines
Character Concept: Bass player for the Goth band Dark Madonna
Background: Ysolde was born Elizabeth Kennington, the daughter of The Honorable Benedict Kennington, a descendent of British aristocracy, and Najla Fatima Sharifi, a distant member of the Jordanian royal family.

As a child, Elizabeth found that her parents were always busy, or simply just not around. She was frequently placed in the care of the servants, and she ended up spending a great deal of time by herself, for she had no siblings or playmates her own age. The atmosphere of genteel propriety and the layers and layers of etiquette she was required to endure were smothering, and she grew tired of the soft, pampered life she was trapped in. When she was sent off to boarding school in London at the age of 13, she was almost relieved to be out from under the stultifying layers of propriety.

Boarding school was actually not too bad. She was blessed with a keen mind, and her exotic beauty assured that she had no lack of friends (both male and female). It was from her friends, all of them bored children of the wealthy looking for some adventure, that Elizabeth found out about the world of the Goth clubs of London when she was 16. She attended a Halloween party with some of her friends at a club called the Theatre of Night, and fell in love with the darkness, the music, and the whole dark atmosphere. It spoke to her of a time she remembered only in snatches of half-forgotten dreams, when she (or someone very like her) had been a great lady of a shadowy folk, both beautiful and terrible.

By the time her senior year rolled around, Elizabeth, under her nom du Goth of Ysolde Nyx, was a regular member of the London Goth scene. Dressed in black silk and lace, her ebony hair falling about her like a cloak, she glided through the darkness of her new world like a black-winged moth. Her parents, ever busy with other things, continued to send her her allowance every month, never dreaming that it was going to finance her and her new band, Dark Madonna, and pay for parties when their performances were over.

After one of her performances, Ysolde was approached by a dark, mysterious stranger who introduced himself as Valmont de Winter, a visitor from San Francisco in the United States. He took her out for cappuccino after the performance, and the two spent the rest of the evening talking. Ysolde discovered that she and this stranger shared a remarkable affinity, almost as if they had known one another in a previous existence. He invited her to his hotel suite, and the two shared an ecstatic night in one another’s arms.

As she climaxed in Valmont’s arms, Ysolde suddenly felt as if a dam had broken in her mind. Her dreams of dark beauty and power became clear, and she remembered a time long past, when she had been Ayesha, an eshu princess, ruler of an ancient land long lost to time. Now, at last, she remembered the glory of her Fae existence, and her changeling soul woke from its slumber in her mortal form.

Valmont stayed long enough to guide Ysolde through her Chrysalis, then left for greener pastures.

Left alone, Ysolde started to enjoy her newfound birthrights. Her Eshu love of travel took hold, and she and the band crossed the ocean to the United States in order to cultivate a larger audience. She spent time in a number of Freeholds and met other Changelings along the way, but found the strictures held to by the Seelie Court to be far too stifling for one of her innate free spirit. The freedom granted by the Unseelie Court was far more to her liking, and so she cast her lot with them.

Since then, Ysolde has wandered the country, her performances affording her a comfortable, if not luxurious, lifestyle. Her art and her freedom are all that she needs or wishes, and gods help anyone who infringes on her enjoyment of either!

Description: Ysolde combines the best features of her Middle Eastern and British heritage; she has finely formed, aristocratic features, a porcelain complexion, long, luxurious black hair that flows around her like a cloak, and mysterious dark midnight-blue eyes. She prefers to dress in black satin and lace, sometimes with floating, gauzy black scarves over her hair and around her shoulders. When performing, she wears white makeup and paints her eyes with Egyptian designs in kohl. She always wears a profusion of silver jewelry. In her faerie mien, she appears as a long-limbed woman with sharp features and midnight-blue eyes that sparkle with a million points of light, clad in flowing black silk scarves and not much else; gems sparkle at her wrists, neck, fingers and ankles, and in her long jet-black hair.
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